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Pandemic Play: Hobbies that stuck with musicians through the epidemic

Ever hear the phrase “A hobby a day keeps the doldrums away.” During the pandemic, it was easy to dive head-first into a hobby if

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Suzannah Johannes rides again

It's not often we like to brag, but we were in the presence of a local legend on Friday. After a hiatus that lasted a
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Album Review: Lasorda – “Lasorda”

by Nathan Cardiff Just glancing at the album art for Lasorda’s self-titled record, I instantly thought of the movie Drive. The cool 80s font, the


Shows you should see this weekend: January 20-21

How can anyone hibernate for the winter when the Lawrence scene is offering such a smorgasbord of music?   From eccentric electronic to raging rock,


Rooftop Vigilantes rock the Replay with Fourth of July, Suzannah Johannes

Sometimes even the tiniest flower can stand alone, but attract many visitors seeking out its sweet nectar. Such is the case for Suzannah Johannes. The