Sometimes even the tiniest flower can stand alone, but attract many visitors seeking out its sweet nectar. Such is the case for Suzannah Johannes. The solo performer tends to attract large crowds wherever she goes.
The petite player sat perched oh so delicately upon the Replay stage Thursday night, gently plucking away and melting our hearts. Here she is covering Heart’s “Crazy On You” the only way Suzie Johannes can.


Rooftop Vigilantes
When Rooftop Vigilantes reunited, Lawrence rolled out the welcome mat. The band didn’t arrive empty handed either; they came loaded with lots of new material from their new album.
Their signature ear-piercing garage rock was shot out in one quick song after another, leaving the audience with barely any room to catch their breaths between songs.
They lived up to their legendary live shows with an energetic performance that had members of the band wailing into the mic and flailing about the stage. It’s good to have you back, Rooftop Vigilantes.

Fourth of July
Before Rooftop Vigilantes stepped down, they played a gnarly rendition of “Happy Birthday” and dedicated it to the birthday boy of the night, Fourth of July frontman Brendan Hangauer.
No matter the size of the show, Fourth of July tends to sport a group of very enthusiastic and dedicated fans. This was especially true on Thursday night. The Fourth of July fans were dancing, swaying and damn near pushing their way to the front (and others lined every wall of the Replay). The band played mostly older and slower-paced songs, but the fans were still extraordinarily spunky. I imagine frontman Brendan Hangauer really couldn’t have asked for a better birthday present than playing to a packed venue full of some his favorite people and longtime fans.



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