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Photo Gallery: Parking lot show with LK Ultra / CS Luxem / Elexa Dawson

940 Live Parking Lot Show / Photo by Fally Afani For the second time since the start of the quarantine, the Lawrence Arts Center gifted
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LK Ultra ferociously stand up for trans women in new single “Pussy Hat”

LK Ultra have never shied away from activism and human rights. Their knack for combining art and revolution comes to the forefront this week with

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Photo Gallery: White Schoolhouse’s PA Fundraiser

Oxford Remedy / Photo by Fally Afani There's a scene in "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" where Scott turns to his apprentice and says "Young
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New online music channel Coop Sessions throws local music in the spotlight

It looks like Lawrence has its own online music channel now. The program, titled The Coop Sessions, has been busy over the past few months

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Developing DIY: Teen bands to secure their safe space with benefit show for White Schoolhouse

‘Tis a thing of beauty when the youth corral together for a cause. In one particular case, Lawrence’s underage bands couldn’t quite find themselves at

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Photo Gallery: LK Ultra / Chess Club / Oxford Remedy / Dodging

On Sunday, some of the area's best teen bands stormed the Jackpot stage for an all-ages affair. Photographer Kiara Kaiser was there for one of
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We asked two teen musicians to play acoustically in front of loud carnival rides at the fair

If you grew up in the Midwest, there’s no doubt some of your best memories as a teen were at your local county fair. It’s

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Photo Gallery: 2018 Lawrence Field Day Fest, Day 1

The first day of Field Day Fest kicked off with a diverse set of shows that treated audiences to rock, hip-hop, and indie acts from
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Watch: Life Coach and LK Ultra at the Jackpot

Teen angst is back in style, thanks to bands like LK Ultra. Formerly known as MK Ultra, the band came touting a name change and