940 Live Parking Lot Show / Photo by Fally Afani

For the second time since the start of the quarantine, the Lawrence Arts Center gifted the scene with a perfectly socially-distanced parking lot show at the Douglas County Fairgrounds. They switched gears this time, learning towards more indie acts.

The evening began with Elexa Dawson, who was accompanied by The DeWayn Brothers’ Kelby Kimberlin on bass, just as the sunset was putting on one heck of a fiery light show in the sky. CS Luxem performed a majestic number as darkness took over, and LK Ultra rounded out the evening as a masked two-piece.

The vibe was a lot different than the Arts Center’s first parking lot show, with many people opting to picnic in the grassy area behind the stage– and rather than honking their horns after each song, they treated the artists to hearty applause.

You can view photos from the show below:



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