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Local musicians celebrate love of Beatles with video, upcoming show

It’s an exciting month for local Beatles fans. In addition to their recent release “Now and Then,” dubbed “the last Beatles song,” there’s a chance

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Photo Gallery: Drakkar Sauna / Hazel and the Problems / Luxem, Sauders, and Dixey

You've got to be a really, really well-loved band to have folks gleefully come see you play an outdoor show in this heat. Seven years
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Photo Gallery: Lawrence Love Letters at the Lawrence Arts Center

Lawrence was full of love on Friday night. The Lawrence Arts Center played host to "Lawrence Love Letters," a variety show focusing on how we
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Introducing: Harper K and Giovanni Ventello

One of the best signs that the music scene is in full swing post-pandemic is the emergence of new bands. On Friday night, The Jazzhaus
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Photo Gallery: Parking lot show with LK Ultra / CS Luxem / Elexa Dawson

940 Live Parking Lot Show / Photo by Fally Afani For the second time since the start of the quarantine, the Lawrence Arts Center gifted
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Watch: Local musicians draw attention to historic spaces during the pandemic

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many iconic locations in Lawrence had to shut their doors to the public. That included historic spaces like museums and

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Bandcamp is waiving fees again, so here are some local artists with new music out

Once again, Bandcamp is waiving their revenue shares to help artists affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic. The last time Bandcamp waived their fees during the

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Photo Gallery: New Obsessions / Various Blonde / CS Luxem

An exhilarating night erupted at the Replay on Friday thanks to bands taking their musical ability to new heights and thinking outside of the box.
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Local artist bands with musicians to raise money for historic building

While much of Lawrence spent their Saturday evening absorbing the business of Downtown, some Lawrencians headed just a couple of blocks East for a hypnotic
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The DiTrani Brothers brought cheer to a gloomy evening

We know. It's a little depressing that Busker Fest got rained out this year (the festival was moved indoors after a storm moved in on