You’ve got to be a really, really well-loved band to have folks gleefully come see you play an outdoor show in this heat. Seven years ago (almost to the day), one of Lawrence’s most beloved musical acts played a farewell show for the books. A couple of years later, they played a small reunion at the Replay. But Saturday’s show was a bigger production. They erected a decent stage behind White Schoolhouse and invited their fans to come pull up a picnic blanket or lawn chair for a show. With heat indexes well over a hundred (even after sunset), the locals (primarily made up of East Lawrencians) showed their dedication by enthusiastically cheering on the set under the yellow bulbs of the White Schoolhouse lawn. On this night, they were joined by members of Midday Ramblers and Split Lip Rayfield, rounding out with a fuller sound able to cut through all that humidity.

Drakkar Sauna’s Wallace Cochran invited his daughter Hazel to perform as the middle act, and new Lawrence supergroup Luxem, Sauders, and Dixey opened up the night.



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