Arquesta Del SolSoul / Photo by Fally Afani
We’re in the dog days of Summer, and as we count down the days to cooler weather it’s time to lean into the haziest of days with a dreamy new track from Arquesta Del SolSoul.
Backed by the perfect jazzy horns we’ve come to love from the supergroup, “Six Second Sunz” features harmonizing vocals and the rap stylings of longtime creator and performer Les Izmore. The band is a favorite in the Kansas City region, and every Lawrence appearance promises a lively show that takes up the entire stage from the many-membered band.
Arquesta Del SolSoul / Photo by Fally Afani
Within the lengthy track (eight and a half minutes!), we’re treated to less of a “mashup” of musical styles, but more intertwining various genres, marrying each other in a seductive dance across the groovy bass lines. Jessica Ayala enters midway through, spitting rhymes out in Spanish.
The track was recorded at Element Recording Studios in Kansas City, and is part of an album coming out next week. Now please enjoy the track description from the group’s Bandcamp page:

“Les Izmore was enjoying a midday Missouri thunderstorm on their front porch. The exact season is irrelevant because all weather is always possible in KC. LOL! It got cloudy in an eyeblink. Then out of the beautiful dark the SUN poked out for six seconds and did a few backflips. Love and Hope flowed throughout their body and mind, and they were overcome with immense healing vibrations.

After the sun went back to napping the chorus just came to him. It was a reminder that there is always a space for change and creation, but we must be actional with Love. Soon after, Izmore united with Brad Williams on some Questlove and Black Thought

Kansas City synergy and the rest was like water.”



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