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Photo Gallery: Drakkar Sauna / Hazel and the Problems / Luxem, Sauders, and Dixey

You've got to be a really, really well-loved band to have folks gleefully come see you play an outdoor show in this heat. Seven years
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Myers Ballroom Revue to showcase songwriting and storytelling

This part of the state is a bit of a live music mecca, but bars and traditional venues aren’t for everyone. This is where The

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Watch: Drakkar Sauna reunite at the Replay

Do bands ever really call it quits in Lawrence? No. No they don’t. Because Wallace Cochran and Jeff Stolz can’t seem to quit each other

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Now you can download local music while donating to the ACLU

If you heart local music and activism, here are a couple of ways you can contribute. Tomorrow, rowdy rockabilly roughhouser Joel Bonner will be releasing

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Drakkar Sauna is releasing new music

And here you thought Drakkar Sauna was done. It appears Lawrence’s favorite old-timey band is releasing an entire album of new tunes called Very Much

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Watch: Wallace Cochran at Love Garden

Less than a year after their emotional farewell show, a Drakkar Sauna reunion of sorts graced Lawrence. Wallace Cochran, who moved to Hawaii after Drakkar

Watch: Jeff Stolz at Decade

On a Tuesday night in the East Lawrence Warehouse district, a small building dotted by brightly lit bulbs was alive with activity and music wafting


“Thanks For Everything.” Drakkar Sauna plays final show in LFK

On Friday night, every single seat in the auditorium of the Lawrence Arts Center was filled. People lined up against the walls in the back,


Watch: Bloodbirds return to Love Garden with new album

If you missed Bloodbirds, take comfort in knowing that they missed you, too. Life happens. Babies are born. Bassists move away. But for one night,


At the boiling point: The Appleseed Cast played the Replay, and the whole damn town showed up

This was the type of show that had nearly the entire town in a fit. In a grand stroke of luck for Lawrencians young and