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Photo Gallery: Lawrence Love Letters at the Lawrence Arts Center

Lawrence was full of love on Friday night. The Lawrence Arts Center played host to "Lawrence Love Letters," a variety show focusing on how we
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Love Language: Musicians, artists, and community to pen a love letter to Lawrence

If you’ve ever felt like writing a love letter to Lawrence, you’re not alone. This month, a host of performers and community members will be

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Just look at all this holiday cheer

How ya doin, bud? You ok? We know this Christmas is pretty rough, what with COVID cutting into the all yule you were hoping to

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Photo Gallery: Parking lot show with LK Ultra / CS Luxem / Elexa Dawson

940 Live Parking Lot Show / Photo by Fally Afani For the second time since the start of the quarantine, the Lawrence Arts Center gifted
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Watch: Local musicians draw attention to historic spaces during the pandemic

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many iconic locations in Lawrence had to shut their doors to the public. That included historic spaces like museums and

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Local musician to tackle struggles of immigration with visually stunning light show

It seems like when musicians in Lawrence really want to submerge their audiences in a delight for the eyes and ears, they head to the

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Photo Gallery: KU World Percussion Ensembles Concert

"This music is meant for dancing and having a good time," Dylan Bassett proclaimed in front of a packed audience at the Lawrence Arts Center.
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The Top Ten Most Badass Things We Saw From Touring Bands in 2018

Well, here the fuck we are. Like most years, we’re ready to kick the past few months out the door on its ass. But live

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Master of Fun: Fantastic Negrito and the striking art of storytelling

Fantastic Negrito / Photo by Fally Afani Every song tells a story, but Fantastic Negrito's songs tell stories that are larger than life. When the
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Junior Brown was the very definition of cool this weekend

Junior Brown / Photo by Fally Afani Friday night was all about chill-- chill for the weather, but even more chill for Junior Brown. The