Eems on Coop Sessions
It looks like Lawrence has its own online music channel now. The program, titled The Coop Sessions, has been busy over the past few months bringing in diverse and interesting musicians to record live sets in their cozy Lawrence studio (think Daytrotter). Through this project, fans are treated to both audio and visual recordings of the local musicians, as well as interviews, giving them a unique insight into their live performance.

The entire idea comes via Mitch Hewlett, the frontman for Westerners. “The space we do the sessions out of has been used for years as a rehearsal room for the bands I play with and as a home studio,” he notes. “It’s such a cool, divey little spot and most of the bands have recorded live in there at some point or another already.” Hewlett also enlisted the help of other production wizards to help with the project, including electronic producer Joel Martin, Cody Boston, Mark Sidener, Sam Snead, and Kieran Vickers. .

So far, the Coop Sessions have seen performances from Eems, LK Ultra, and Austin Snell. For Hewlett, it’s been a musician’s labor of love. “I’ve been involved in the music community since the day I moved here back in 2012 and have met so many incredible musicians and friends.  I’m genuinely a fan of what these artists are doing around here and am constantly inspired by them,” he confides. “I’m excited to have an opportunity to prop them up any way I can.  Being able to do these sessions and help get their music out to more ears is a privilege and I’m excited to play a small part in what they are doing.”

You can view one of the first videos below, and keep up with the other sessions over on their website.



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