If you grew up in the Midwest, there’s no doubt some of your best memories as a teen were at your local county fair. It’s kind of where kids get to run wild and mark an important milestone in their time out of school. This weekend, the annual Douglas County Fair capped off a Summer of heat-advisory-filled-misery with bright lights, thrills, and a warm breeze.

So we decided to call up two local teen musicians and hit up the fair. Both Hannah Norris and Inez Robinson (of LK Ultra) recently played Field Day Fest and showcased their musical talents on stages across Lawrence. On Saturday, we plopped down on a dusty field just behind the Ferris Wheel and enjoyed acoustic renditions of songs they like to perform. If you’ve been to the fair, then you’re familiar with the loud sirens that come out of the rides. This made it even more amusing for the songwriters, as they attempted to belt out their lyrics louder than the carnival noises and happy squeals from fair-goers in the background. What resulted was a delightful display from two of the scene’s brightest.

You can see Inez play with LK Ultra on August 12th at the Jackpot with a host of other young bands, including Chess Club, Oxford Remedy, and Dodging.