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Watch: Hannah Norris at the Replay

Hannah Norris / Photo by Fally Afani Hannah Norris is a guitar playing machine. This is one of our favorite musicians to watch in Lawrence,
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Listen: Hannah Norris releases “Will I?”

Hannah Norris has built her brand around exciting performances. The local musician is known for her expert guitar work and powerhouse vocals that tend to

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Photo Gallery: The 2019 Lawrence Field Day Fest, Day 3

You, dear Lawrencian, have nothing to feel but the upmost enthusiasm at where the local music scene is headed. If the final day of Lawrence
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Hannah Norris is rad as hell

Hannah Norris / Photo by Fally Afani 2019 is going to be the year to watch Hannah Norris. After turning heads at Field Day Fest,
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We asked two teen musicians to play acoustically in front of loud carnival rides at the fair

If you grew up in the Midwest, there’s no doubt some of your best memories as a teen were at your local county fair. It’s