Hannah Norris has built her brand around exciting performances. The local musician is known for her expert guitar work and powerhouse vocals that tend to knock the socks off of whoever’s lucky enough to find themselves at her shows. This year, like many of us, she’s had time to slow down a bit and reflect. That’s where her latest single, “Will I?” comes into play. The song, which steps away from her bluesy riffs and takes on a more pensive tone, focuses on cutting ties and moving forward. “It really came about when i realized the relationship i was in at the time wasn’t very healthy or productive,” says Norris. “Wasn’t really thinking too deeply about it when i wrote it, but looking back, it’s definitely a subconscious note to myself of needing to make some major changes in my independence and direction.”

Norris, always the busy body, says she’s planning on releasing “a few short EPs” this year. In the meantime, you can give “Will I?” a listen below:



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