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Pandemic Play: Hobbies that stuck with musicians through the epidemic

Ever hear the phrase “A hobby a day keeps the doldrums away.” During the pandemic, it was easy to dive head-first into a hobby if

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From studio to screen: Library’s virtual experiences a hit with music lovers

What’s a recording studio to do when the pandemic closes their doors? Well, if you work at the Sound+Vision studio at the Lawrence Public Library,

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Our Top 5 favorite holiday parties of Christmases past

By now, you’re probably longing to be dazzled and delighted by all the magic the holiday season has to offer. A little party never hurt

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Bandcamp is waiving fees again, so here are some local artists with new music out

Once again, Bandcamp is waiving their revenue shares to help artists affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic. The last time Bandcamp waived their fees during the

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Game On: Local musician dives into the history of video game music

8-bit, CRPG, FPS... if you're a gamer at heart, you'll know what these terms mean. For some, like local musician Joel Bonner, they're intertwined in
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Merry Christmas, from Serene Fiend and I Heart Local Music

It’s the most wonderful time of the year– and this year we’re fiending the holiday spirit with local goth Serene Fiend. The synth-heavy local act

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There’s a Burlesque dancer who keeps doing routines to local music

This is a site that covers local music, but if we may switch formats for a second, we’d like to talk about the rock star

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Photo Gallery: The 2019 Lawrence Field Day Fest, Day 2

The Midnight Devils / Photo by Fally Afani We came. We saw. We blazed with Jesus. Friday was one for the goths, wastoids, and gays
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Serene Fiend changes course with ambient release

We can’t stress it enough: Lawrence is having an electronic music renaissance. Between Jade Rose, Bad Alaskan, and Pala Zolo, synths are making a comeback

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Silent Night: Serene Fiend strips down for acoustic holiday showcase

It was all class at the Cider Gallery when one of Lawrence's loudest synth bands stripped down for an acoustic holiday show. Serene Fiend's Joel