It’s been a long time since we felt the floor of the Granada shake so heavily, but JPEGMAFIA’s got the ability to make it happen. This is the second time we’ve photographed the rapper within a year (the first being in the Fall opening for Turnstile), and he manages to bring the unexpected to the stage each time. Since this was a KJHK/SUA-sponsored event, the crowd was comprised of mostly young, white, men (a real “sausage fest,” as we heard someone remark). So you’d think their stamina would maintain. But JPEGMAFIA shows are not for the faint of heart, and we saw a handful leave before the set even reached the halfway point due to exhaustion from throwing down in the crowd.

JPEGMAFIA was joined by fellow New Yorker Deem Spencer, who touted new tracks off his latest release, adultSW!M.



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