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The Raven hosts unique songwriters for rare, captivating event

Downtown Lawrence was brimming with live music on Saturday, but one of the most unique and enriching musical performances of the week was inside the


I Heart Local Music’s “SXSW Bound” set for February 12th and 13th

It seems like every year, Lawrence is blessed with new acts that make stunning new impressions. Next month, we’ll be bringing some of those acts


Watch: CS Luxem at the Replay

It wouldn’t be a proper Lawrence summer if we didn’t check in with CS Luxem. We found him in his natural habitat at the Replay


Fans get freaky at Forever Fest

The Lawrence label boasting musicians that like to get weird lived up to its reputation on Friday. Whatever Forever held a mini festival of sorts


Wandering Lake explores the unorthodox side of live performances

Inside Brian Kupillas is a swirling storm of extremes. On one end of his musical spectrum in Wandering Lake, he is a gentle guitar-plucking folk


Mommy Dearest: Local musicians and the mothers who support them

It doesn’t matter how many people turn out to their shows or how big their stages are… for many local musicians, their #1 fan will


Oils takes shape

While Lawrencians spent Valentine’s Day doting on each other, a very affectionate atmosphere was brewing at Love Garden. Oils, the sole band performing that night


Watch: CS Luxem covers the Temptations at Love Garden

By now, Lawrence has come to know CS Luxem as one of the most versatile performers in the area. We’ve seen him perform solo, with

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Doggone Adorable: Local musicians and the dogs they love

In Lawrence, rockers tend to get in touch with their “ruff” side. That’s because more musicians here are becoming partial to their pooches, keen on


Watch: Wolf, the Rabbit at the Replay

This may have been one of the fuller stages we’ve seen at the Replay. Before Wolf, the Rabbit even started playing on Saturday night, patrons