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Album Review: Ebony Tusks – “Heal_Thyself”

Was there ever any doubt that Ebony Tusks’ debut LP could match the excellent and experimental energy of their live show? Heal_Thyself showcases the trio as masters

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Watch: Ebony Tusks’ new video for “Chuck Ds”

We can really expect no shortage of music videos from a group like Ebony Tusks. Earlier this year, they released a stunning entry for NPR’s

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Photo Gallery: Ebony Tusks / VISITOR / Raw Space

Ebony Tusks / Photo by Fally Afani When Ebony Tusks take the stand, people listen. It's easy to see why. Their larger-than-life presence takes up
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Review: Ebony Tusks – “HDF” Single

At long last, Ebony Tusks give us their debut single on High Dive Records / Intelligent Sound. One of the most exciting live acts of

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Photo Gallery: Duncan Burnett x RIOT / Ebony Tusks / Raymond

Duncan Burnett can do it all. One moment, the highly accomplished performer is rapping into the mic. The next, he's plucking away on the bass
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White Schoolhouse launches shows with Downtown Boys / Warm Bodies / Ebony Tusks

White Schoolhouse / Photo by Fally Afani Lawrence has been itching for a really good, all-ages DIY venue for punk shows-- and it looks as
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Photo Gallery: Domineko / Ebony Tusks / Lincoln Marshall / Vivid Zebra

While Mother Nature brought out the worst in Kansas weather, an all-star hip-hop lineup brought out the best in audiences at the Replay on Friday
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Local musicians band together to feed the hungry

Just Food is food bank that aims to help 19,000 hungry people in Douglas County. To make this happen, they rescue about 2,000 lbs. of
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Art collides with music at vibrant Cider Gallery performance

Real Dom / Photo by Fally Afani If there’s one thing Lawrence does well, it’s utilizing non-traditional venues for non-traditional shows. On Friday night, art
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Watch: KD Kuro at the Taproom

We can’t help but have a good chuckle when KD Kuro’s around. The Kansas City rapper has such a dry humor about him, it inevitably