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Ebony Tusks throwing benefit concert for local organizations

Marty Hillard, the man behind experimental hip-hop outfit Ebony Tusks, is always eying an opportunity to help his community. This year, he’ll be using his

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Photo Gallery: Serene Fiend / Ebony Tusks / Young Mvchetes

A special occasion calls for a special show. On Saturday night, the Replay turned the tables on their live shows by hosting a concert outside
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Photo Gallery: Manor Fest, Day 2

Manor Fest continued its second day mostly in basements. Both White Schoolhouse and the Taproom gave some weight behind the underground theme by hosting wild
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Album Review: Ebony Tusks – “Heal_Thyself”

Was there ever any doubt that Ebony Tusks’ debut LP could match the excellent and experimental energy of their live show? Heal_Thyself showcases the trio as masters

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Watch: Ebony Tusks’ new video for “Chuck Ds”

We can really expect no shortage of music videos from a group like Ebony Tusks. Earlier this year, they released a stunning entry for NPR’s

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Photo Gallery: Ebony Tusks / VISITOR / Raw Space

Ebony Tusks / Photo by Fally Afani When Ebony Tusks take the stand, people listen. It's easy to see why. Their larger-than-life presence takes up
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Review: Ebony Tusks – “HDF” Single

At long last, Ebony Tusks give us their debut single on High Dive Records / Intelligent Sound. One of the most exciting live acts of

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Photo Gallery: Duncan Burnett x RIOT / Ebony Tusks / Raymond

Duncan Burnett can do it all. One moment, the highly accomplished performer is rapping into the mic. The next, he's plucking away on the bass
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White Schoolhouse launches shows with Downtown Boys / Warm Bodies / Ebony Tusks

White Schoolhouse / Photo by Fally Afani Lawrence has been itching for a really good, all-ages DIY venue for punk shows-- and it looks as
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Photo Gallery: Domineko / Ebony Tusks / Lincoln Marshall / Vivid Zebra

While Mother Nature brought out the worst in Kansas weather, an all-star hip-hop lineup brought out the best in audiences at the Replay on Friday