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Ghostface Killah brings old school merriment to the Granada

Ghostface Killah / Photo by Fally Afani It might have been the most merriment and joy you’d see at a hip-hop show in Lawrence all

I Heart Local Music’s “SXSW Bound” set for February 12th and 13th

It seems like every year, Lawrence is blessed with new acts that make stunning new impressions. Next month, we’ll be bringing some of those acts

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Stik Figa triumphantly returns to Lawrence with Approach, Barrel Maker

“Today I’m 33!” announced Stik Figa triumphantly at the beginning of his set. The crowd erupted in cheers. This day had been anticipated for a


Life of the party: local rappers inspire, entertain, and educate

On Saturday, the love of hip hop was alive and well at the Replay when three local acts got together to showcase what the genre


Watch: Barrel Maker at the Bottleneck

Barrel Maker is a man of many talents. We highlighted his videography work this week with the new Approach music video, and his past video