The Phantastics have it all

We have found your official dance commanders, and they’re called The Phantastics. Let it be known from here on out that nobody gets a dance


Spirit is the Spirit debuts new music at the Bottleneck

If you were at the Bottleneck on Saturday night, you couldn’t help but feel an immense feeling of comfort. The heater was on full blast,


Sound Slingers: Meet Lawrence’s Sound Guys

If you thrive off of the local music scene, and have a thirst for tunes throughout the week, it’s time you paid heed to the

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Watch: Narkalark at the Bottleneck

Narkalark caught our eye a few months ago when they uploaded their first single online. The thought of a new electronic act in town was


Photo Gallery: Truckstop Honeymoon / Wells the Traveler

A night of bluegrass and folk at the Bottleneck on Saturday night when Truckstop Honeymoon and Wells the Traveler hit the stage. Pete Romano was


Wrath and Ruin’s Reign of Terror

On Saturday night, the Bottleneck hosted a memorable night when they invited five of the most vicious metal bands in the area to the stage.


Photo Gallery: Lowercase KANSAS featuring Ebony Tusks / Milkdrop / Young Forest and more

What’s better than a night of dancing to local hip hop and rap? A night of dancing to local hip hop and rap AND free


Watch: Melting Point of Bronze

Metal fans, pay heed to Melting Point of Bronze. The band brutalized the Bottleneck on Saturday night, continuing their reign of terror throughout Lawrence. The


Field Day Fest finishes successful three-day run

Lawrence Field Day Fest culminated in a packed night of local and national acts that shared the Bottleneck stage and stole our hearts. Something and


Bands deliver jaw-dropping performances Friday night at Field Day Fest

The second day of Lawrence Field Day Fest, a three-day extravaganza highlighting some of Lawrence’s loudest and most exciting acts, turned out to be a