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Photo Gallery: 2016 Middle of the Map Fest, Wednesday

Middle of the Map fest kicked off on Wednesday with an array of Kansas City, Lawrence, and touring acts. This year, the festival utilized smaller
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Half of Westerners started a new band called Mace Mouth, and boy are they rowdy

We really didn’t expect this much rage to come out of a brand new act, but we shouldn’t be that surprised. Half of Westerners (the

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Photo Gallery: Guided By Voices / Schwervon!

You could say that Robert Pollard has a love/hate relationship with everyone around him. When the head honcho behind Guided By Voices toured through Lawrence
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Photo Gallery: Varma Cross / Wendy Moira / Wides

On a chilly and drizzly Friday evening, Love Garden set the scene for some of Lawrence’s rising acts. Varma Cross was celebrating a cassette release
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Watch: The Quivers debut new music at the Replay

Be still, our hearts! The Quivers have graced Lawrence once again in all their retro-rocking glory. The Kansas City band toes the line between rockabilly

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We went to six shows in one night to prove a point

Anymore, Friday nights in Lawrence are pretty outrageous. There are just so many events happening at once. This wasn’t even a Final Fridays art walk,

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Christopher Tolle releases new single

The man behind the Belles is bringing us more delicious local pop via the I-70 corridor. Christopher Tolle released “Early Reflections,” a single that features