Well here’s one way to ignore the cold.

While unbearably cold temperatures hugged every bone in your body Saturday night, The Replay felt like a beach party. That’s because when The Thunderclaps fired up their rockabilly and surf-rock inspired set, it was easy to forget about winter.

The band had everything you could love in surf rock— fast guitars, a vintage vibe, and a mop-topped drummer with expert precision. They couldn’t have been more adorable than if they were wearing three-piece suits. The vocals got deep and warbled at times, conjuring up memories of Elvis— and the moment they fired up their set, people got up and started to dance.

It wasn’t hard to feel this way. The Thunderclaps are so thrilling, with barely any movement onstage. There are no tricks, no windmills, no crazy jumps… just really good music. It made even the coldest and grumpiest of shivering crowds upbeat. These guys are precious, and we’re hoping their shows become less sporadic in 2017.