Generally, Approach is Lawrence’s top notch party starter in Lawrence. The energy he produces at his shows is infectious, and it takes all but a minute for large crowds to surround him with their hands in the air. In a sense, he is the most jovial of all music-makers in Lawrence.

Approach / Photo by Fally Afani
Approach / Photo by Fally Afani
But the results of the recent election of our racist and sexist overlords had him itching to write a different kind of tune. In “The Luv,” he dives into a nonstop stream of thoughts with barely time to stop and catch his breath, pondering what happens from here on out. The Lawrence rapper says “I wanted to share where my head was at (via song) during election night 2016. I was reflecting on what I saw happening in the world this year and let the words flow free as they arrived.” He also says he was aiming for a sound that threw it back to the late 90’s. “My favorite kind of art comes from a pure place. If it is what I feel inside, then I express it. The words will find the ears they connect with,” he tells I Heart Local Music. He confides that he’s eager to see how the political climate will affect the current music landscape. “The art I love makes me feel some kinda way. Good or bad. I feel like we are about to enter an incredible time for great art.”

You can listen to him “bring the art back for The Luv” below (extra points for putting his damn adorable dog on the cover):



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