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Galaxy BEST: They Watch Us From The Moon is Lawrence’s space-themed band

They Watch Us From The Moon / Photo by Fally Afani Not every band knows how to give em the old razzle dazzle, but They
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Album Review: BUMMER – “Holy Terror”

Thank God (or Satan, whichever you prefer) for BUMMER. The trio is back with ten assbeaters on Holy Terror, their full-length follow-up to 2015’s Spank.

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I Heart Local Music christens the new Jackpot with The Sluts / Bummer / Khrystal.

The Sluts fans / Photo by Fally Afani Welp, I Heart Local Music is back on its bullshit. When we first met the brand new
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Photo Gallery: Boris / SubRosa / Endon

When you think of sludgy metal, accordion and violins don't necessarily come to mind. But Thursday night's show at the Granada accomplished that very unique
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Photo Gallery: The Replay celebrates 4/20 with unruly show

If you’re prone to celebrating high times with your buds (heh), then Thursday’s Replay show is probably where you ended up. The venue switched their
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Photo Gallery: Keef Mountain / Macemouth / Red Kate / The Sluts

It was one of those nights where the smell of leather jackets, soaked with late winter humidity, filled the air. There was enough hair grease
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Teenage Wasteland: Local musicians recall albums from their youth

It seems that over the weekend, you couldn’t escape it. Social media feeds were nothing but a sea of your friends and loved ones recalling

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Bummer frontman releases angst-ridden solo album

It’s normal for a musician to pour their heart and soul into their music, but we were particularly moved by one local’s recent body of


Melting Point of Bronze

Genre: Brutal / Heavy / Old School Metal / Rock / Metal / Heavy Rock Members: Andre Sitting Up, Steve Bagwell, Duncan Brown, Patrick Sedo,

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The Replay had one hell of a weekend

If you were at the Replay at any point this weekend… how are you feeling? Chances are, you’re a little sore. For two consecutive nights,