The Sluts fans / Photo by Fally Afani

Welp, I Heart Local Music is back on its bullshit.

When we first met the brand new owner of The Jackpot, we were thrilled to see all the changes he was implementing at the iconic Downtown Lawrence venue. So we decided to celebrate our anniversary with an absolute rager of a party. How could we not celebrate? The venue turned a whole new leaf, with a fantastic sound system, light show, and (most importantly) top-notch treatment of local bands.

It was like watching an SNL Stefon sketch come to life– everyone was there. There were rockers, hip-hoppers, art kids, club kids, farm boys, exotic dancers just off the clock… To say the crowd was thrilling was a grand understatement. All three acts brought their A-game.

The Sluts / Photo by Fally Afani

Khrystal. debuted new music and showed off her piano skills with ballads doting on anyone from Erykah Badu to “all the black girls.” Bummer hilariously broke the breaker ONE NOTE INTO THEIR SET, but made up for it with an over-the-top throwdown on the floor of the club that molded the crowd into headbanger heaven. The Sluts closed out the night with their signature grunge barn-burners and severely (and physically) enthusiastic fans. They also debuted a handful of new songs, suggesting that a new album may soon arrive (delightful!).

Here are some scenes (and video) from the brazen bash– a hint of all manners of enthralling affairs to come from the new Jackpot.



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