Migrator / Photo by Fally Afani

The Lawrence music scene is about to bestow a grand gift of rock and roll unto the area. A resurgence of metal is on the horizon. Many of the best– pardon us, we mean brutal— metal bands in the area have big aspirations for 2020. New albums, release shows, and an itching to tear it up onstage are all part of the agenda. Case in point: Friday night’s lineup at the Replay. Hyborian arrived with an ass-kicking’s worth of new material, as did Bloom (who have been laying low more or less over the last couple of years). Migrator absolutely destroyed during their time on the stage, with an absolute vigor that brought everyone’s blood to the surface. It’s worth noting that all three bands educated the crowd with different approaches to the genre (psych, doom, thrash).

Photos from the night below.



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