Tenacious D / Photo by Fally Afani

In 2019, there are two types of Tenacious D fans. There are the people who grew up watching Tenacious D on HBO, and there are teens who grew up watching Jack Black in “School of Rock,” started a band, and then later discovered he has a rich musical history. This made for a packed and diversely-aged audience at the Starlight in Kansas City Saturday night for the Post-Apocalypto tour.

Jack Black and Kyle Gass indulged their fans in metal, Satan, and more metal (and then some more Satan). As two of the handful of people who’ve ever been able to beat Satan with the most powerful form of rock, Tenacious D is more than just a colorful stage performance… it’s a lesson in the history of metal (plenty of name dropping was had). This is a band that shows you can be a metalhead with just an acoustic guitar. You don’t need fancy gear (or even a fancy look) to show your love for the genre, as presented by two highly relatable individuals. Songs from albums like Post-Apocalypto and Rize of the Fenix read like folk-lore, the stuff of legends, from two of the most animated storytellers around.

They were joined by Wynchester, a Country duo (from LA) made up of a guitarist from Tenacious D (John Konesky) and a guitarist from the Kyle Gass Band (Mike Bray).



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