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Photo Gallery: Lawrence celebrates PRIDE with thrilling drag show, music performances

Someone made the comment to us that being at the 2021 PRIDE party felt a little like being on a cruise ship because of the
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Photo Gallery: The Sluts / Drugs & Attics / Wick and the Tricks / Sona

The Replay and I Heart Local Music hosted a night of garage rock as four local bands shredded the night away on the cozy Downtown
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Photo Gallery: Red Money / Cigarette Bums / Vedettes

Uh-oh, someone has kicked down the door. It's Johnny Depp. He's walking away from an explosion, and this is the music that's playing. If you
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Album Review: Drugs & Attics – “Clean Their Room”

If you’re gonna open your album with a song titled “Drug Party” and have the first lyrics be “I like to party” then you better

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Listen: The Sluts release new EP

We absolutely loathe nostalgia, until it’s done properly. This is where The Sluts excel. They’ve taken everything likable about mid-90’s rock and turned it into

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Free for the Masses brought a drumline, glam rock, and wild rockers to the Bottleneck

You would have been hard pressed to find a more fierce display of musical mischief in the local scene at any venue other than the
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Photo Gallery: Pale Tongue / The Savage Blush / Wendy Moira

The Savage Blush / Photo by Fally Afani It's been a bit of a slow week for live music in Lawrence, but rock and roll
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Watch: Mr. and the Mrs. at the Replay

If the White Stripes had been signed to Burger Records, they would’ve come out with a little more hair on their knuckles and sounding like

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Teenage Wasteland: Local musicians recall albums from their youth

It seems that over the weekend, you couldn’t escape it. Social media feeds were nothing but a sea of your friends and loved ones recalling

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Pale Tongue is your new favorite garage rock duo

We're pretty fond of two-piece bands, and Lawrence tends to produce great ones (The Sluts, Mace Mouth, etc.). But here's one that will absolutely rule