We’re pretty fond of two-piece bands, and Lawrence tends to produce great ones (The Sluts, Mace Mouth, etc.). But here’s one that will absolutely rule the next year.

While Agent Orange rocked the Bottleneck at one end of Downtown on Tuesday night, Pale Tongue debuted at the other end via the Replay stage. But it was hardly a quiet introduction. This duo didn’t politely knock at the Lawrence music scene’s door, they burst through it like Kramer.

Oh my stars, we are absolutely in love with this garage psych rock dream. We never really expect bands to be too good right out the gate, but these two came saturated in skill with years of experience (you’ll recognize frontman Carlos Calderon and drummer Nick Fredrickson from Real Adults). So rather than building up, they started high. They are masters of their craft, and it shows. This, unfortunately, sets the bar higher for new bands (sorry).

Nobody was really too brave enough to move around at their inaugural show, but we are wiling to bet good money that the demeanor surrounding their sets will change almost immediately (it nearly did by the end of this set). You can expect Pale Tongue to bring the party AND the overly excited thrashing crowd to a venue (or house show) near you soon.



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