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Lawrence’s tribute to ABBA was one for the books

The Bottleneck may have very well been the loudest spot in Lawrence on Friday night. Unfit Wives / Photo by Fally Afani That's where a
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Serene Fiend releases heavy new music

Lawrence’s gothiest musical act just got gothier. Serene Fiend has, apparently, spent the last few months diving into darkness. The industrial musician debuted a new

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What the hell is this thing?

We found a cure for boredom at the Lawrence Public Library on Friday evening. That’s where musician Nick Demopoulos was demonstrating all the abilities of

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Photo Gallery: Ed Schrader’s Music Beat / Candace / Serene Fiend

Ed Schrader's Music Beat / Photo by Fally Afani We don't think anyone will ever be able to capture what it's like to watch Ed
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Watch: Pala Zolo at Lucia

There’s a new electronic act in town, and so far they’re delivering. We introduced you to Pala Zolo last month with a stunning music video.

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Pala Zolo releases stunning new music video

Lawrence’s latest dreamy electronic act is up and running, and they’ve kicked things off with a stunning new music video. Eric Davis (of Hembree and

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Introducing: Serene Fiend

In the ever-evolving attempt to bring electronic music back into Lawrence’s scene, another musician has switched gears– this time leaning towards a more industrial sound.

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Nate Holt releases lush electronic album

You can add this release to the rebirth of electronic music in Lawrence. Etan Tloh, whose name is actually Nate Holt but performs under the


Watch: Narkalark at the Replay

It’s been a while since Narkalark has played as a trio, but Stella got her groove back. The Lawrence electronic act upped their game with


Mothercoat came to the Replay, and the Replay went nuts

It’s not every day you get to relive those magical SXSW moments. Mothercoat is a band we accidentally stumbled upon when we were in Austin