We found a cure for boredom at the Lawrence Public Library on Friday evening. That’s where musician Nick Demopoulos was demonstrating all the abilities of a Smomid.

There really isn’t anything out there like it. In fact, when we looked up Smomid on Facebook, under “genre,” it says “This music doesn’t fall into any genre.” That’s because it’s something entirely new. It looks like a combination of musical abilities brought together with guitars and synthesizers, and produces a sound somewhere between jazz and electro/synth/glitch pop. Demopoulos built the fascinating contraption, and says the name is an acronym of “String Modeling Midi Device.”

He spent the evening showing a small audience at the library what the instrument can do, as well as explaining some basics of synth production. The instrument also emits lights with the sounds, adding a highly visual sense to the intensely sensory experience.

You can watch a clip of the performance below, and learn more about it over on Demopoulos’ website, https://smomid.com.



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