Photo Gallery: No Milk / Robocopter / This Is My Condition

The Percolator continued its “Pass The Hat” series with another show this week. No Milk, of Tampa, entertained with local acts Robocopter and This Is


Max Justus releases new music video

Do you like intense electronic music AND psychedelic videos? Then you’re in luck, because Max Justus has released a thrillingly visual music video. The video


Youth Lagoon delivers uplifting performance at the Jackpot

“I think you guys are great!” “Peanut butter toast!” “I like your hat!” Eager and enthusiastic fans were in fine form at the Jackpot on

Album Reviews Articles

Album Review: Say My Name

Editor’s Note: Peter Adany is a local music lover who reviews albums for I Heart Local Music. As a dance-music enthusiast, he was more than


Electronic acts impress at the Replay

On Tuesday night all sorts of electronic music goodness was oozing out of the Replay. To some people, all electronic music sounds the same. But


Yeasayer / Smith Westerns / Hush Hush bring the dance party to the Granada

-by Fally Afani   It’s safe to say if you were at the Granada on Thursday night, you probably had your dancing shoes on. Each