“I think you guys are great!”
“Peanut butter toast!”
“I like your hat!”

Eager and enthusiastic fans were in fine form at the Jackpot on Monday night. Youth Lagoon arrived at the Lawrence venue in the midst of a busy tour, and a large crowd formed good and early for electronic opener Dana Buoy (of Akron Family). The crowd was thick, and so was the atmosphere. The closer you got to the stage, the sweater you became. You could cut that air with a knife, it was so hot and full.

Youth Lagoon wasted no time in diving into a beautiful and zen-like indie-electronic set. But don’t let the mellow music fool you, Youth Lagoon was pretty dancey, and fans were bopping up and down while packed in like sardines.

The band (and crowd) were pretty laid back. Trevor Powers told stories and cracked jokes in between songs. He told the crowd about his motion sickness, and how he tended to get high on Dramamine knock-offs while on tour. “So far it’s been, awesome,” Powers joked. “We’re two songs in, I feel good!” Everyone had a good chuckle before he waved his hand and said “More beats! More beats!”

That’s the thing about Youth Lagoon songs. They start slow and beautiful, but they sneak up on you with feel-good and upbeat melodies you can shake your hips to. Before you know it, the music is downright uplifting, and you feel great too.

View the photo gallery and video below (the song really kicks in at about 2:40 in).



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