Editor’s Note: Peter Adany is a local music lover who reviews albums for I Heart Local Music. As a dance-music enthusiast, he was more than happy to review Say My Name’s new album. You can listen to the album here and learn more over at Range Life Records.

Say My Name. Album art by Kenneth Kupfer.
Say My Name – Say My Name 2
Say My Name’s second release is a succinct, all-instrumental album of dusty samples, layered loops and fuzzy percussion. It’s the work of Lawrence musician Steve Swyers, whose first self-titled EP was released in 2010. The album results from some serious noodling with thrift store LPs, instruments and effects. The foundations of each song are disfigured loops and beats tapped out on drum machine, and to complete the compositions Say My Name overlays his own various live instruments. What? Say your name? Oh, right. Reading his reviews out loud must sound pretty funny.
The tracks come and go at their own leisure, i.e. this disc is not for the impatient; but each song arrives at a unique sound. Fans of Four Tet, Madlib, and Ratatat alike might like these beats, and hopefully a self-titled release number three won’t be too far away. I said it!
My picks:
 3 – Badlands
 5 – Key Biscayne
 8 – The Red One
12 – Ayn Rand
– Peter Adany September 8, 2011



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