Genre: Dark Synth Pop Members: Mike Quillin, Jason Ramadan Khomsi, Elliot Pees, Alex Kimball-Williams Website: UltraVivid is a dark pop synth band that formed

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Listen: Alex Calhoun releases electronic tracks featuring local musicians

If you’ve been looking for electronic acts to listen to in Lawrence, Alex Calhoun is a good artist to start with. The local musician, out


Organized Crimes detonates at the Taproom

If you really miss good industrial dance bands, then boy do I have some news for you. Organized Crimes is the electronic band this scene

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Album Review: Wolf, The Rabbit – “Rabbit Era”

by Nathan Cardiff Cool and piercing like the winter itself, Wolf, The Rabbit’s new album Rabbit Era is as ambitious as they come. An electronic

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Review: Say My Name – “Malaise Forever”

by Nathan Cardiff Say My Name’s aptly titled Malaise Forever pushes your comfort levels to their limits over the course of its nine tracks. The


Watch: Middle Twin introduces new song to SXSW

Those Middle Twin kids are like an enchanting breath of fresh air. In the midst of all the fantastic rock and roll in this town,

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Watch: Narkalark at the Bottleneck

Narkalark caught our eye a few months ago when they uploaded their first single online. The thought of a new electronic act in town was


Middle Twin releases a song so beautiful, it’ll give you goosebumps

There’s a reason you should be paying attention to Middle Twin. This is one of the few bands in Northeast Kansas that does dance music


CSS / IO Echo bring seductive summer jam to Kansas City

“It feels like Summer!” Io Echo’s Ioanna Gika exclaimed while perched atop the Riot Room stage in Kansas City. While it was indeed a warm


Photo Gallery: CHVRCHES and Still Corners

Words by Zachary Michael Powell, Photos by Joshua Efron Friday night was a packed affair. Good looking, sharply dressed people from all over found their