Modular Synth at the Library's Sound + Vision Studio / Photo by Fally Afani
Modular Synth at the Library’s Sound + Vision Studio / Photo by Fally Afani
If you didn’t have enough reasons to love the Sound + Vision studio at the Lawrence Public Library, here’s another one.

In addition to providing a free recording studio to musicians of all backgrounds, the library recently got a modular synthesizer in. They’ve been hosting regular workshops to get curious music-makers familiar with modular synthesis. The studio’s engineer, Ed Rose, wanted to tear down the wall keeping the locals from exploring electronic music. “People can be a little intimidated by it, so I wanted to offer opportunities to demystify it and to just come check it out,” he says.

Recently, Jason Fry (the designer and builder of the library’s synth) stopped by for a special workshop. Rose says you can expect more guest speakers in the future.

The classes happen every month (you can keep tabs on them on the studio’s Facebook page), and a Lawrence Electronic Music Meetup is scheduled on September 17.



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