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Photo Gallery: Pala Zolo / Chase the Horseman / True Lions

If you were still recovering from all the New Year's Eve shenanigans, the Saturday night Replay show was just what the doctor ordered. It was
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Elliot Fox releases gorgeous, electronic ballads for the heartbroken

One of the most underrated electronic artists in the area just released a real gut-punch of an album. Elliot Fox, known for his gorgeous electronic

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Serene Fiend changes course with ambient release

We can’t stress it enough: Lawrence is having an electronic music renaissance. Between Jade Rose, Bad Alaskan, and Pala Zolo, synths are making a comeback

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Review: Serene Fiend – “Sowing Discord” EP

From the beginning of Sowing Discord, Serene Fiend creates a moody atmosphere with chilling beats thumping through its industrial rock. The goth vibe is prevalent

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A joyful noise: Elliot Fox is bringing merriment to electronic music

When Elliot Fox released his album late last year, it was easy to grow excited about a resurgence of electronic music in Lawrence. His music

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Nate Holt releases lush electronic album

You can add this release to the rebirth of electronic music in Lawrence. Etan Tloh, whose name is actually Nate Holt but performs under the

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Meet the Modular: Library offers free synthesizer workshops

If you didn’t have enough reasons to love the Sound + Vision studio at the Lawrence Public Library, here’s another one. In addition to providing



Genre: Dark Synth Pop Members: Mike Quillin, Jason Ramadan Khomsi, Elliot Pees, Alex Kimball-Williams Website: UltraVivid is a dark pop synth band that formed

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Listen: Alex Calhoun releases electronic tracks featuring local musicians

If you’ve been looking for electronic acts to listen to in Lawrence, Alex Calhoun is a good artist to start with. The local musician, out


Organized Crimes detonates at the Taproom

If you really miss good industrial dance bands, then boy do I have some news for you. Organized Crimes is the electronic band this scene