If you were still recovering from all the New Year’s Eve shenanigans, the Saturday night Replay show was just what the doctor ordered. It was the dreamiest of lineups with an absolutely delightful ensemble of musicians.

True Lions is the type of sugary-sweet pop band that has everyone wrapped around their little finger. A little birdie told us that the frontperson was riddled with an illness, yet they still exuded the cheeriest of demeanors (the band constantly flashed shy, completely genuine smiles at each other, and it made everyone melt).

Chase the Horseman performed with a full band, providing a robust and profound feeling to their already impressive sound. Very rarely do we come across local bands who not only sound effortlessly cool, but look the part as well. To get a better understanding of their desirable disposition, imagine the coolest kid you knew in your high school giving you a mixtape– this is the music you’d hear.

Pala Zolo (a band also worthy of a spot on the desired mixtape) rounded out the night with some fan favorites– and in between the highly danceable electronic tracks, they debuted new music as well.



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