The 2019 PRIDE Parade / Photo by Fally Afani

Other Americans are solidifying themselves as one of the more danceable acts in the area, and just got the seal of approval from the Queer community thanks to their new music video.

The video for the remixed version of “Memory” features local drag superstars Ms. Amanda Love, Josie Price, and Novacayne. If some of those faces look familiar, it’s because all three were involved in I Heart Local Music’s PRIDE for the Masses event last year (Ms. Amanda hosted, Nova helped lead the parade, and Josie Price performed between bands). The song is definitely a bop, and can easily take over dance floors this Summer. In the video, we see the drag performers twinkling and dancing under the lights, each bringing their own flair and personality to the stage.

You can see Ms. Amanda Love and Novacayne pretty regularly at the Jazzhaus for the weekly drag shows there. We’d highly recommend following Ms. Amanda Love on Facebook to keep abreast (heh) of the late-night drag shows in Lawrence.