The minute Other Americans fire up their set onstage, there’s an electricity in the air. It’s like a jolt, bringing the audience to attention. This is a group of musicians who are equal parts electricity and fun.

To experience Other Americans is to experience joy. Take every unsoiled electro-power-pop-rock band you enjoyed in your youth, pick out all the best bits, and you may begin to touch on what this band exudes. The electronic sounds are ecstatic, and jubilant vocalist Julie Berndsen keeps the momentum sky-high. You may even touch the heavens while you’re dancing your ass off. They are timeless, moving between the decades. You can hear good old rock and roll, 80’s dance, and 90s power pop all within the same song. They are reminiscent of the best band you ever saw at a house show, the one you were absolutely sure was going to make it big someday. In 2019, we all deserve a little unapologetic glee every now and then, and Other Americans will gladly take you there.

Here’s a song about the Salt Mines in Hutchinson.



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