The 2019 PRIDE Parade / Photo by Fally Afani

On a sunny Saturday afternoon in June, Lawrence made a statement in style.

The PRIDE Parade brought dozens of Lawrencians together for a fabulous and colorful promenade down Mass St. Everyone donned rainbow threads and marched as part of I Heart Local Music’s “PRIDE for the Masses” event. The parade, lead by a flag leader and group of regular and popular drag performers in the scene (Ms. Amanda Love, Raven Jade Von’du, and Novacayne), started at the North end of Downtown and sashayed towards the Granada to the tune of an exuberant marching band. The goal was to arrive in time to stroll into the venue and begin the show. But would you believe it, everyone stayed outside and danced to Sass-A-Brass’ bops for another half hour.

Here’s what the march looked like: