There’s a reason you should be paying attention to Middle Twin. This is one of the few bands in Northeast Kansas that does dance music right. If you’re hungering for real talent, an out-of-this-world vocalist, and heavy synths, then this band hits the spot.

Their shows are nothing to scoff at, either. Any performance turns into a gyrating and lively dance party, full of positive vibes and rich, luscious sounds from a group of musicians who form an unbelievably perfect sound. Middle Twin is soaring to great heights.

Even the songs that have a slower tempo are highly commendable. Case in point, their latest track. “Waking Mind” was just released on Tuesday, and is so pleasing on the ears it might make you blush.

The track is good. Goosebump-worthy good. Everything from the structure to the harmonies is a perfect ten. The lyrics are so rich with emotion, sentiment, and experience, it’s almost hard to believe they came from musicians so young. One of the players is barely old enough (legally) to enter the venues they plan in.

Middle Twin has been hard at work in the studio since changing their name (they were formerly known as Brain Food), so expect some more fresh tracks to follow.

Bonus clip! Here’s a video of Middle Twin performing “Waking Mind” at the I Heart Local Music September Showcase at the Jackpot. The monthly event from I Heart Local Music showcases the best up-and-coming talent in the area. Middle Twin’s live performances are so enchanting, they’ll leave you dancing the night away after falling head over heels for their music. We highly recommend catching their next show.



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