We can’t remember the last time we saw a band doing warmup stretches onstage just prior to their set. But this was no Jane Fonda workout. The musicians that make up The Wheelers were contorting, lunging, and twisting their ankles into all sorts of cringe-worthy directions. It was a sure sign of the wild show that was to come.

The Iowa-turned-KC rockers like to turn it up to eleven. “Wait!” the band’s frontman yelled (and we mean yelled) just one guitar stroke into their set. “This isn’t loud enough!” and he turned around and cranked his amp up even louder.

The band then burst into a thrashy set so boisterous, that they ended up breaking equipment very early on. After flailing all over the stage and in the audience, the frontman broke his cable off into his guitar. A quick loan from locals Psychic Heat sufficed while one of the Replay’s many talented sound guys made a quick repair to the guitar. Then it was back to business, thrusting heavy chords, roars, and noise loud enough to wake the dead. Without a doubt, the audience’s ears were ringing for hours.



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