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Photo Gallery: Caribou / Jessy Lanza

Caribou / Photo by Fally Afani On Thursday night Caribou hit the Granada with a set so stunning, it'll easily make everyone's Top Ten lists

Middle Twin releases a song so beautiful, it’ll give you goosebumps

There’s a reason you should be paying attention to Middle Twin. This is one of the few bands in Northeast Kansas that does dance music


Lawrence dances the night away with Middle Twin / Dean Monkey and the Dropouts

It’s a good thing Lawrencians brought their dancing shoes to the Jackpot on Friday. As part of I Heart Local Music’s September showcase, we called


CSS / IO Echo bring seductive summer jam to Kansas City

“It feels like Summer!” Io Echo’s Ioanna Gika exclaimed while perched atop the Riot Room stage in Kansas City. While it was indeed a warm


Photo Gallery: Washed Out / Icky Blossoms at the Granada

The Granada has been home to some of the best electro dance party bands this year, and Monday was no exception. When Washed Out and


Bands you should notice: Motorboater

Every now and then an area group catches our eye, and we’ll feel the need to encourage you to see them. Motorboater is usually a


Born Gold brings the rave to Lawrence

On Wednesday night you could have either watched Extreme Midget Wrestling at the Granada, or Born Gold at the Jackpot. But trust me, when it


Max Justus releases new music video

Electro-dance-hall wizard Max Justus has a new video out that’s sure to conjure up the nostalgia in any cartoon fan.   The video is for


A hot mess: Foster the People bring sweaty party to the Bottleneck

On Friday night I walked into what had to have been one of the sweatiest dance parties of the year. The Bottleneck was sold out,