The Granada has been home to some of the best electro dance party bands this year, and Monday was no exception. When Washed Out and Icky Blossoms performed there, the show jump started everyone’s week and turned their mundane Monday on its head.

Icky Blossoms was gratifyingly energetic. The bass player had some serious dance moves, and the guitarist’s floppy hair was constantly in motion. The lone female in the group had that monotone electro type of singing that I hadn’t heard since 2003. Their high-paced dance music and colored strobes lighting the musicians up from underneath (and throbbing in time with the beat) meant it was totally appropriate to indulge.

The musicians in Washed Out were not anywhere near as energetic as their predecessors, but by the time they came on the crowd was finally dancing and basking in the warm glow of the smooth electronic sounds coming from the stage. Enjoy the photos and videos from the show (scroll down after the photo gallery for the videos).



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