by Nathan Cardiff

Say My Name’s aptly titled Malaise Forever pushes your comfort levels to their limits over the course of its nine tracks. The squealing open of the title track introduces us to a world of loops and creepy, spastic instances of pops and hisses.

Malaise Forever is an experimental record with plenty of spacey ambience. It’s moody at all the right moments and takes it’s time to let you get lost in the lushness of the strange environment. Even with all it’s weird qualities, the album is definitely mellow; subtle with its crescendos and easy beat. The light keys on “Ahistoric” are only broken by a soft crackle on the track. The song is best listened to while lying in bed with a partner, letting only your breathing mix in with the music. The light and jaunty “Oklahoma Chrome” is a sure-fire dance song and the tense “Nordberg” has you on the edge of your seat as it swerves from disjointed static to the clean hum.

Malaise Forever is a unique and peculiar; the ironically titled last track “Get Regular” shows that Say My Name has no desire to do any such thing. His imagination is what we are given; sometimes strange, always rewarding.

Favorite Tracks: “Ahistoric,” “Oklahoma Chrome,” & “Nordberg”

by Nathan Cardiff

Say My Name “Satanta” from ZAGUAR on Vimeo.



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