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Cutting Ties: Heidi Gluck releases calculated and intense new music

When we first gave Heidi Gluck’s new album Migrate or Die a listen, it felt like a familiar dark shadow. We’ve known this feeling before, the

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The Creepy Jingles release new video for “Trojan Horse Girl”

If you like theatrics revolving around dysfunctional families and terrifying children’s shows, The Creepy Jingles have a music video for you. They just released the

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The Vintage Virtuoso: Neal Francis is bringing nostalgic cool (and piano rock) to the Bottleneck

For the most part during the pandemic, musicians had to lay low, sit on their hands, and dream about the next big gig. But Neal

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Album Review: Ebony Tusks – “Heal_Thyself”

Was there ever any doubt that Ebony Tusks’ debut LP could match the excellent and experimental energy of their live show? Heal_Thyself showcases the trio as masters

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Ricky Roosevelt debuts new album with Tione

It’s hard to keep tabs on anyone in the Vivid Zebra collective. The hip-hop artists blew into Lawrence like a storm, introducing the masses to

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HighWesthus has released an epic short film and corresponding album

The amount of effort, time, and energy HighWesthus has continues to baffle us. Last year, instead of releasing just one album, he released three at

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Album Review: Stiff Middle Fingers – “American Refuse”

Stiff Middle Fingers are as wild and pissed off as they’ve ever been on American Refuse, which is absolutely no surprise as the political punks

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Album Review: Chess Club – “Hit The Ball”

Emo has had a major (and well-received) resurgence in the past few years. For some it may be nostalgic; sounds of their youth reigniting an

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Review: Moon Racer – “Useless Thoughts and Noise”

There’s a raw emotion to Useless Thoughts and Noise, a six song EP from Moon Racer (The Havok On Polaris’ Tony Mendez), that is biting

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Album Review: Folklore Suburbia – “Space Ladies From Outer Space”

About two-thirds of the way through Folklore Suburbia’s album Space Ladies From Outer Space there is a drastic shift in style. The band spends the