There’s a raw emotion to Useless Thoughts and Noise, a six song EP from Moon Racer (The Havok On Polaris’ Tony Mendez), that is biting and un-ironic. A refreshing sincerity that starts with the heartbreaking and glitchy “Don’t Know” (“The pain is left inside/No room for you to hide”) feeding into the forlorn strumming of “Friends” and “Emergency.” The gentle pop on “Get Up” and melancholy bounce of “How To Keep Yourself From Falling” shake things up, but it’s the brooding “Where I’m At” that is just tremendous. The EP is dotted with little production flourishes that give Moon Racer an other-worldly vibe to fit the name. It’s the perfect EP to describe that feeling of laying in bed at night and thinking how small we are in the vastness of the cosmos.

Favorite Tracks: “Emergency” & “Where I’m At”



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