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MilkDrop releases “Season of Moments”

There are so many good hip-hop albums dropping at the end of the year, we can barely keep up. One of those albums is MilkDrop’s


Terribly Intentional: Nicholas St. James to celebrate his true form at album release show

In October of 2014, Nicholas St. James performed in front of a large crowd in the theatre of the Lawrence Arts Center. The folk artist

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Album Review: Nicholas St. James – “Theatres”

by Nathan Cardiff I realize it’s only February, but the most fascinating musical moment of this whole year might be a kazoo solo. That’s right;

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Album Review: Major Games – “Major Games”

by Nathan Cardiff Seven months since releasing their single “Life,” Major Games finally gives us the full length record we have all been anxiously awaiting.

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Review: A Gecko Named Terrance – “A Gecko Named Terrance”

by Nathan Cardiff A hypnotic guitar lulls you to get comfortable, a growling whisper convinces you to move closer, and then finally the melancholic groove

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Photo Gallery: Skating Polly in the Studio

Last week Skating Polly found themselves in an undisclosed hollowed-out volcano lair in Kansas to work on their next album. We caught up with the

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Album Review: Tyler Gregory – “Roots Below”

On any given evening in Lawrence, when the weather is warm, you’ll hear what we’ve all come to know as a comforting sound howling from

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Photo Gallery: Jimmy Eat World / minibosses in Kansas City

Let’s be frank. Jimmy Eat World is still a thrilling band to watch live. Ten years after the release of Futures, a fan favorite for

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Review: Vigil and Thieves – “[defective] book one”

by Nathan Cardiff Vigil and Thieves’ record [defective] book one, begins with crystal clear stunner “Melt” where the vocals are an intense force blasting throughout

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Review: Approach – “Approach Presents: SweetKnuckleJunction Season 2 (The Aikido Bray Suite)”

by Nathan Cardiff After last October’s epic Make-Out With Violence, Approach continued to fire on all cylinders playing eclectic shows ranging from SXSW, to JabberJosh’s