There are so many good hip-hop albums dropping at the end of the year, we can barely keep up.

One of those albums is MilkDrop’s Season of Moments. You’ll recognize him as one-half of dynamic duo Lincoln Marshall. On Season of Moments, MilkDrop stays true to his poetic nature with a series of inner monologues reflecting on current society.

Communication and relationships with people play a big part, particularly the type of dialogues you have when you’re an artist. On Rosetta Stone, he states “I was on an ego trip / Thinking you would fall cuz I wrote it down / How’s that sound? / Pretty selfish, right?” Perhaps the more standout track is “Pick A Side,” which tackles the politics that have plagued the nation in recent years. He takes a little break for romance with “Words Play”— and as we recall, he made room for a little romance with Lincoln Marshall’s “Peaches.”

The production on this album is beautiful, with intro’s reminiscent of electronic and ambient acts. You can listen to the full album online below:



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