Left E GroveWe hate that one of the most exciting albums of the year is coming after everybody’s year-end lists are out, but this is one you have to give a listen.

Left E. Grove finally released his long-anticipated return to music, Left of Center. In a time full of drama and bad news (seriously, 2016 can fuck off), Left E. Grove is the guy who bursts into the fight and tells everyone to “Come Chill.” Ebony Simon has such a pure and classic sound that it’s hard not to find something to love on the album. Even his personality is easy to love, as he points out on “Got a Lotta Love:” “I don’t think that I abuse it / I’m trying to say that I’m in love with music / I can’t help it, seems quite selfish / But that’s the way it goes and I’m helpless” he rambles before saying “I got a lot of love, but I’ve got to go.” We brought up earlier this year how “Come Chill” details rolling with the events during a night on the town. Familiar faces appear when Approach busts in on “All About Yourself” and MilkDrop on “Outchea.”

This is an artist’s album, as well as the album of the ordinary guy. This is someone who loves music and basketball, who loves hitting the town and discussing live shows. You can listen to the album in full below before seeing him at the Taproom on January 12th:



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